Marlene vs. Bagel Day

Marlene won today!!! No bagel for this lady. Especially with lunch and wine at Kelsey’s looming in the very near future. T-minus 5 hours and 52 minutes.

So I ran 3 miles Wednesday night and last night. It’s getting a lot easier in that my breathing is more and more controlled and my heart is less likely to explode each time. 🙂 Unfortunately, my leg muscles are not developing as fast as I’d like. At least, that’s what Mark says it is. By the end of each run, my legs feel very heavy and often ache. In time, as the muscles develop, it should get better. My aim for this weekend is one 3-mile run, probably Sunday. That will bring my weekly total to 4 runs and 12 miles. Yay me!

My weight is the same today as last Friday. Not the best news in the world, but definitely not the worst. Considering all the crap I ate last weekend, I’m just glad to be back where I started. I have to be good this weekend so hopefully I will see a loss by next week.


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