Journey to Long-Term Health and Fitness

I changed the title of my blog today. As you’ve probably noticed, this is no longer a South Beach Diet blog. I am following many of the guidelines laid out in the SBD (and always will), but I am paying more attention to meeting my calorie, carb, fat and protein goals on All I want is to be as healthy as possible and I think this new adaptation of the SB lifestyle works better for me right now, especially because I am learning to run.


My legs are so sore this morning!!! I couldn’t make the 6.5K that I was aiming for yesterday. Well, I probably could have, but I really had to go to the washroom so I cut it short at 5.6K.

I had a strange combination of chocolate milk, turkey pepperette and english muffin for dinner. But don’t worry, tonight I will be having a more balanced dinner because we are eating with friends BEFORE the gym. For some reason, I just can’t stomach a decent meal after a run.

Nothing much else to report. I haven’t weighed myself again – I’m trying to wait until Saturday.


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