Starting the countown at 10…

Well, there’s just ten days to go.

Last logged run was about 10 KM last Wednesday (when Mother Nature had other plans!). Tuesday night I went out for about 6 KM, which nearly killed me. I was achy and crampy after a couple KM’s! 4 days of eating and drinking my butt off in Montréal seems to have taken a toll. Tried again last night with 3 laps of a 3 KM loop in Thornhill and it went much more smoothly.

But then I made the mistake of going to bed without dinner and I am suffering for that today. I am STARVING. This always happens… Reminder to self: must eat after run.

Hubby and I are planning a long run (18+) this weekend and that will be about it til the race!

Oh boy.


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