Running through the pain

Hubby is always talking about running through the pain. He is quite often ailing with one ache or another. Something always seems to hurt and he likes to brag that he runs right through it. I’ve been pretty lucky because *knock on wood* nothing ever hurts. The only running injury I have endured was a twisted knee last April and it was so bad that I could barely walk, let alone run, so I was off my feet for a few weeks completely. Basically, I’ve never really had to run through the pain. Sure, my legs were killing me by the last few KM’s of the half marathon last month, and I often have stiff legs after a long (or fast) run, but other than that I have been pretty lucky.

That is, until today.

It was a beautiful morning so I headed out for a run. Excrutiating pain! My outer thighs (below the hip) were killing me. I’m thinking I may have overdone it on this machine at the gym this week:

So, I ran through the pain! At first it was so bad that I actually considered turning around, but I couldn’t bear to waste such ideal running weather! So I slowed down, hung in there and after about 15 minutes I didn’t feel it anymore.

We’ll see how the legs are tomorrow…

And for the record, this still seems like a good idea. 🙂


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