Did I really sign up for this?!

What was I thinking? 8:30 AM running group on Sundays! My bed was so cozy and warm…

Sure am glad we went on that little shopping spree yesterday because it’s -4C this morning!

Time to get bundled and head out to face the elements. I don’t think I have ever run below zero and certainly not on a Sunday morning when it’s so early that all the channels are still airing infomercials. :S

****************** 10:15AM update ******************

Not only did I survive, but it wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought. Actually, it was great. Once I got out of bed, dressed and out the door, I was no longer dreading the cold, early morning run. And when we got to the Running Room to find the store packed full of eager runners, all smiling and dressed in colourful reflective jackets, I was actually excited. We found our bubbly instructor and other members of our group and headed out for our first LSD – 7 KM. Despite the cool temperature, it was nice and sunny and we were warmed up (even took off the new mittens!) after the first KM. We enjoyed the route, which included a few good hills. I am having much less trouble with hills these days and can often fully recover within seconds. I remember the days when I would run up one piddly little hill and I’d be toast for the rest of the run.

I found that my chin and neck were a little cold so I picked up a Dryline Gaitor to accompany my headband. So if you see something that looks like a cross between a gumball and a bank robber (or ninja – thanks R.) running down the street, don’t be alarmed. It’s only me. 🙂


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