Isn’t this just peachy

Yesterday was 6K with clinic and it was a tough 6K – tons of hills and snowy sidewalks. I managed to irritate my knee again running through piles of snow. It was really sore last night so I iced it for a while. Seems to be a little better this morning but I hay have to skip clinic tonight. 😦 REALLY sucks because we are starting hills! I’d hate to miss our first hill training session, especially since I have never done it, but running hills with an already aggravated injury is about the stupidest thing you can do, so… bummer. We’ll see how it is later on.


2 thoughts on “Isn’t this just peachy

  1. sure did. good thing is, the same thing happened 2 weeks ago and I was 100% after 3 days off…so here’s hoping I am good by saturday. fingers crossed please!see you tomorrow – yay!

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