Monday Accountability

Didn’t get out much at all last week…too busy getting ready to move, actually moving, and then settling in. Excuses, excuses! Tomorrow I am getting back into my schedule after a whole week off. And yet, I am still exhausted…

Last week:

Monday: X-train (elliptical) / done!
Tuesday: 7K with clinic / done!… 8, actually
Wednesday: 12K with 9 hills! Eek! / nope
Thursday: MOVING DAY!
Friday: rest (i.e. unpacking!)
Saturday: as above…
Sunday: LSD 18K / nope 😦

So I ran a whopping 8 KM… unless you count running up and down the stairs with boxes!

This week:

Monday: rest
Tuesday: 8K with clinic
Wednesday: I actully have no idea what my clinic is doing, but I imagine 10?
Thursday: X-train
Friday: rest
Saturday: 6K
Sunday: LSD 18

Here we go again!


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