Another week bites the dust

Last week was a challenge because I started coming down with something Tuesday night and pretty much felt like crap until Friday. I ran my 8K Tuesday and then did zip, zilch, nada til 19K on Saturday morning. Took yesterday off to recover (had a lot of tightness in my left IT band, but it was okay this morning).

Today we are enjoying a brand new Statutory Holiday in Ontario (Family Day) so I took advantage and went out for a very wet 8K run with the hubby this morning. We were splashing through puddles the entire time and my shoes spent a good hour in the dryer when we got home.

It’s less than two weeks to the Chilly Half and I am feeling excited and confident. It’s nice to be going into it feeling prepared. Fingers crossed that there are no obstacles in the next 13 days (illness, injury) and I should be raring to go March 2nd. A handful of my new friends from the Running Room will be running it and some of our best friends are also running that day – in particular, Sarah and Colin will be running the Frosty 5K as their first race! I think it’s going to be a great day.


3 thoughts on “Another week bites the dust

  1. I just signed up for the Frosty 5K myself..Listen, if you can do me a HUGE favour…let me know when the pledge forms are available for the Persechini run please?

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