Birthday Cake Belly Ache

Today was a busy day…errands to run and my niece’s 2nd Birthday party. I fully intended to get up early for a run (and had no excuse not to, since I was in bed before 10 last night), but alas, I didn’t drag my butt out of bed until almost 9 AM. The run would have to wait until after the party.

I was home just after 6, dressed and ready to go. Hit the sidewalks planning for a nice and easy 5K with plans for a longer run tomorrow morning. No more than 300 metres in, I suddenly had quite possibly the worst cramp EVER. It literally stopped me in my tracks and I felt like I had a boulder lodged beneath my ribs.

Apparently potato chips, hot dogs, Birthday cake and diet coke do not make ideal fuel for a run…. but it was totally worth it!

I’ll be back on the usual oatmeal tomorrow…and hopefully up before 9 AM.


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