Change of plans

Between Thursday evening and Sunday evening, I will be playing a minimum of 7 softball games. This includes double-headers in both of my regular leagues (Thursday, Sunday) as well as a tournament starting on Saturday (3 games). And if we do well on Saturday, we will play additional game(s) Sunday morning. Softball is a blast and I play on two really fun teams, but this does not bode well for long diatance running. I’ve decided to “skip” my long run this weekend. I was scheduled for a 26K with 28K next week, so instead I’ll jump to 27K next week and should be on track for a 30K the following week.

(I can’t even believe I’m talking about running these distances! OMG.)

Otherwise, it looks like a quiet week. I’m giving my legs a second day off today and I’ll try to get out for some decent runs on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. So Week 12 looks something like:

Monday: off
Tuesday: off
Wednesday: 10K
Thursday: 6K + 2 games
Friday: 7.5K
Saturday: 3 games
Sunday: 5K + 2 games (won’t run if we have additional games)
= ~28.5K


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