The Last Sunday Run

Well, we’re one week away and today was my very last Sunday run before the big one. This morning we drove over to Fairy Lake where I ran the usual loop (just over 10K), which I ran over and over (and over!) again for many of my long runs this summer. I had a great run and finished 10.5K at a 5:25/KM pace. I only hope I feel so good next Sunday. I polished off a bottle of wine last night, so maybe that’s the secret?

I’ve had a quiet weekend with lots of rest and relaxation – it was just what I needed to unwind a little and collect my thoughts. I’m trying really hard not to be nervous, reminding myself how hard I’ve worked for this and convincing myself it is all going to be worth it.

The plan for this week is simple: lots of rest, little running, and my favourite part: carbo loading!

This is really happening! I’m excited… I think!?


4 thoughts on “The Last Sunday Run

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