Reasons I did not run yesterday:

Saturday was hubby’s Birthday party…

Could it have been the margaritas?

Or maybe the straight-up tequila?

(Don’t mind the freakish red eyes!)

Or was it the wine?

Either way, I got out of bed at 3PM and didn’t do much else before going BACK to bed at 10.

In other news, hubby got two awesome books for his Birthday:


So I may not have run yesterday, but at least I did some reading about running.

Planning to run tonight…or go to the gym… ot both. My foot is still aggravating me a bit, so we’ll see. It didn’t bother me during Saturday’s run, but hurts to walk on it today. I’m wondering if I should stick to the elliptical and bike for a few days?


11 thoughts on “Reasons I did not run yesterday:

  1. looks like a great weekend!!having had foot pain after my first marathon i would just recommend not running on it. i just stopped and crosstrained like crazy to get my pent up energy out. no point in running on it and hurting it more right? after a full week off i had no pain and was able to start running again! i know its hard not to run, especially after the high of the marathon but its best to just let your body heal. everyone told me it takes 26 days to recover from a marathon which i didnt want to hear at the time 🙂

  2. Ah, I can’t wait for my extra days off running 🙂 I have the second book.. it’s pretty good but his style gets to you after awhile. That’s just me.

  3. HAHAHAH, good for you! Let loose!!As for running and training for any distances right now, the rule of thumb is take it easy. For each mile you ran take a day to recover (don’t stop totally), but please give your body time to rest and heal.Walking, biking, swimming are all good and short easy runs for the next 26 days….this is mother hen signing out! LOL

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