6 Things

Marci tagged me, so here are 6 things you may not (and perhaps didn’t want to) know about me:

1. I have a small bump on my big toe that moves back and forth over an area of about one inch. The doctor suspects it’s a piece of chipped bone, but it doesn’t bother me so we’ve just left it alone. (Some people think it’s gross, but I think it’s cool.)

2. I love KD. I can eat the whole box and I could eat it every day (but I don’t).

3. My hubby grew up in England (moved to Canada in ’96) and we’ve been trying to plan a trip so he can show me the country since we got married. Next October we are FINALLY going to do it and we’re bringing my parents along for the ride.

4. I had surgery to remove my adenoids when I was a kid and the surgeon “slipped”, accidentally removing one of my tonsils. So I only have one.

5. I am absolutely addicted to Diet Coke. I’ve cut back to one can a day (or less) but I can’t get enough of the stuff.

6. I sometimes worry that I will never feel “ready” to have children, or that I’ll wait too long and regret it.

TAG! You’re it: Tigrr, Sarah, Marky Mark and Dando.


7 thoughts on “6 Things

  1. Mmmm, don’t mention KD to the preggo! It really is meant to be eaten by the box. It fits so well into one bowl! I have managed to kick my DC habit, though. I wanted to comment on your last thing… when I was 26, I hadn’t even MET my husband yet! You have lots of time to decide when the time is right to grow your family. Relax and enjoy yourself!

  2. Can I brag that I know about #2,3,4& 5?Though I really wish you would kick that diet coke habit. Aspartame is SO BAD for you!You will have to show me the chipped bone next time I see you. That sounds gross but cool at the same time.As for #6, there is plenty of time 🙂

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