Runner’s high

Yesterday evening I had one of those runs.

It was dusk and a refreshing 13oC. My route took me through a quiet, mature neighbourhood with tree-lined streets and I was immersed in the rich red, orange and yellow hues of the season. I breathed in the crisp and refreshing fall scents and felt the leaves crunch beneath my feet.

I was cruising along at a decent clip, enjoying tunes on my new Ipod (awesome Birthday gift from awesome friends) and loving every minute of it. It was almost disappointing to stop when I got to the gym where hubby was meeting me, except that I was pooped from charging up an ugly hill toward the end.

Stats were: 8.20KM – 43:25 – 5:17/KM

Pretty quick for me! It got me thinking about goals for the 10K ZooRun this Saturday. My PR is 49:10, but that was at a primarily downhill race on a straight stretch of road, whereas this will be a winding route through the zoo with all kinds of ups and downs. I think I’ll target a 5:15 pace for a finish around 52:30, but I won’t be surprised with something closer to 55 minutes. In the end, it should be a fun race with a bunch of friends and I’ll definitely enjoy the change of scenery.


10 thoughts on “Runner’s high

  1. running in this season is amazing. I love the color of the leaves, and crunching of the leaves… You smoked that run!!! Amazing pace! Have fun at the zoo race this weekend, can’t wait to read your race report. I sold my bib, so I may make it down for that one since most of my running group is doing it, so I may see you there! 🙂

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