5K PR… unofficially

Last night I ran my fastest 5K training run EVER. It was another cool, crisp evening and I was in pure bliss as I hit the sidewalks when the sun went down.

I set out quickly and felt surprisingly comfortable with my first and second kilometres at 5:05 and 4:58 respectively. I managed to keep up the pace for a third kilometre without much difficulty at 4:54. At this point I knew I could beat my previous best 5K (outside of a race) of 25 minutes. Then came The Hill. Almost the entire 4th kilometre of this route (an old favourite) is uphill and it took everything in me to complete it in 5:06. I normally slow down much more, but knew I was close to a PR and hung on tight. Thankfully, most of the homestretch was downhill. I booked it in 4:20, clocking a 5K at 24:29.

I’ll take this evening off in preparation for the Zoo Run tomorrow. Speaking of which, the forecast is calling for 2 degrees C when the race starts – looks like it’s time to dig out the winter gear!


9 thoughts on “5K PR… unofficially

  1. A 4:20 final kilometre. I think you’re faster than you think you are! Post marathon is a great time to take advantage of your fitness at shorter races.

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