Last night I went out for some drinks and bites with a group of people that I met through the Running Room half marathon clinic last winter. We’ve all kept in touch despite going in different directions after the clinic; some pursued the subsequent marathon clinic, some (like myself) continued training on our own, some have been unfortunately laid up with injuries.

It got me thinking about the network of friends I have formed through the running community. It’s nice knowing that there is always someone available for a run (I even recruited some company for my run tonight!), or to share stories/ideas/woes over a beer (or fruity girlie beverage).

I’m considering joining the full marathon clinic in January. I’ll have the opportunity to meet more great people and I could use all the extras motivation I can get when it comes to running through a Canadian winter. My only hesitation is that the RR program promotes walk breaks and doesn’t include enough 30K+ runs (in my opinion). I could always save my money and show up for some of their Wednesday night and Sunday morning runs, and do my own thing the rest of the time. Hmmm….. ?


13 thoughts on “Camaraderie

  1. it’s great to have a good group to run with…. i may have joined another clinic, but the group i met in my half clinic are awesome people, and we just decided to do our own thing… do what feels right for you. But you’re right, sometimes the motivation on those cold snowy mornings helps 🙂

  2. I’m tossing around the idea of doing the Ottawa Marathon next spring – my running partner seems pretty sure that she isn’t ready for a full marathon yet, so it looks like I’ll be doing 30K+ runs with part time company :(For some reason this terrifies me…

  3. Group running is nice for the long runs, but if the group ultimately doesn’t fit your training plans, it’s not entirely worth it. Maybe there’s another group in your area that has a plan that more closely suits your needs.

  4. I’d agree w/ the group. If you can pay by the run or for a group of runs, that might be a good way to stay motivated. If they’re not on the same page w/ you re. walk/run, then it’s not going to be helpful to make that your main training.Go w/ your gut. From your last posts, it looks like you’re dealing with Canadian winters quite well.

  5. Well depending on ur money situation it might be good just to go to the runs that you can and save the money. Its nice to have a group to run with though and you are right the support system is great!

  6. You are right. Extra motivation is very helpful for running during the winter months. I’m just starting to get a few co-workers that are willing to come out and join me on some runs. I’ve been praying that the winter months don’t keep them in the house.

  7. I like the RR, but I am tired of the clinics there (they need to mix it up a little), so I generally just go for Sunday or Wed night free runs. I think over the winter, it definately helps.

  8. Saw your post on Girl on Top’s blog and just dropped by to say “howdy!”. I’m training for my FIRST marathon (now 3 weeks away – ACK!) and got a kick out of reading your blog.I totally agree – I have met such WONDERFUL people through my running groups and blogs. They’re like my other family now. Ha.How is the WORLD do you train through your harsh winters??? WOW! I’m in AWE!!

  9. Hi Girlie–thanks for coming out of the shadows!One of my biggest blessings is my running group (my Ohana). Throuugh them I have learned more than I ever wanted to know about running and racing. They are always up for traveling to a race, and greet me at the finish, whether I cross in tears of joy or tears of sorrow.

  10. I’ve never run with a group, not suprising since I am a total rookie, but I think I will explore this route (Running Room or something similar) somewhere down the line. I don’t know how things work over there, but if the option to show up to some of their runs exists maybe starting with that and perhaps meeting someone else who would like to do more long runs with you might be a great middle ground?

  11. I SAY you should do the OTTAWA marathon. lol. and I think that if you’ve done one RR clinic you’ve done them all (do you know how many times i’ve heard about shoes?). And you could totally just show up for Wednesday and Sunday! It’s up to you–but that’s like–1 running shoe:PI’ll join you for a run if you meet me half-way:P

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