Nothing cures a hangover like…

…a long, slow run. So it wasn’t that long (12.6K = 7.8mi) or that slow (1:14), but it did the trick.

We had our softball banquet last night and there was an open bar. ‘Nuff said! I crawled out of bed this morning at 8:30 realizing I would not be meeting the group I was invited to join…at 8:30. Oops! It took me over an hour to get going, but I headed out into the cool, windy, overcast morning and had a decent run. The weather has settled down into something more comfortably, so I can get away with light pants and a long-sleeve shirt. Hopefully this will last a while!

One week til the Hamilton Road2Hope half marathon and I have A, B and C goals. Stay tuned for that tomorrow!


10 thoughts on “Nothing cures a hangover like…

  1. Funny you saw that, Marlene. I’m the same way. Nothing cures a hangover (no matter how bad) like going for a run. I think there’s some truth to “sweating it out”… plus it gets you out instead of staying in bed all day.

  2. Can’t wait to hear all your goals;)Way to rock the run hungover.I’m pretty sure I’ve run completely smashed before. My running buddies got a good laugh outta me.Are you doing the full next weekend or the half?

  3. So, is “cool” still like freezing over in your neck of woods?? 😉 Great job getting out there even with a hangover!! Sometimes, those are painful but they sure are quick cures to hangovers!

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