It’s a good thing I like the wind-blown look

There’s a snowsquall warning around here, so I bundled up before heading out for my easy 5K after work.

A snowsquall is a sudden moderately heavy snow fall with blowing snow and strong, gusty surface winds. It is often referred to as a whiteout and is similar to a blizzard but is localized in time or in space and snow accumulations may or may not be significant.

No sign of snow (yet) but the wind was out in full force! I found myself running against 60+km/h winds and it felt like I was hardly moving at times. I’m definitely not a fan of the wind (is anyone??), especially when it carries a chill to the tune of -3oC (26F). I think I’ve earned myself a hot chocolate.

You just never know what you’re gonna get this time of year! There’s a forecast of snow AND rain overnight, so who knows what tomorrow night’s run will bring.


16 thoughts on “It’s a good thing I like the wind-blown look

  1. the wind is crazy!!! Stay warm, good job getting out there, i will try to fit my run in early tomorrow am… hoping there’s not a layer of snow!!! LOL ugh,i hate winter.

  2. Still not sure exactly what snowsquall is but glad I’m not there!!! You’re not still running around in that weather, are you??? (Omg, looks like you are crazy lady!) ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. You’ve DEFINITELY earned yourself a hot chocolate!! I hate running in the wind. It feels so futile sometimes. Good resistance workout though. You’re gonna totally laugh at my talking about cold weather.

  4. Good job! It was brutal last night and sounds like it was worse for you. Mind you at least you returned home to heat–some workmen on our street cut the gas line so the gas company had to turn off the gas-service was restored when they rang our bell….at 2:30am. I was glad to have the furnace back on though.See you Sunday!

  5. Is it supposed to be nicer for you guys on the weekend? It’s been Hell in terms of weather here as well ( although def NOT as bad as you homies LOL)

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