If I were a hero…

The Runners’ Lounge: Take it and Run Thursday topic for this week is Superpowers. As a runner, what superpower would we most like to have? (besides the obvious, SPEED!)

Any Heroes fans in the house?

I’m going with Peter Petrelli’s superpower: the ability to absorb and mimic the powers of others. You see, this way I’ll have access to a multitude of superpowers depending on what I need for the situation. I can borrow Pounding the (NYC) Pavement’s built-in air conditioner, Running at the Mouth’s hill-flattener, Cross Country Squared’s command of daylight, Mel’s immediate healing, Training for a Half’s Achilles (minus the heel), Fitness Geek’s traffic control, See Nat Run’s wind control, Julianne’s super metabolism… to name a few!

I just discovered that joyRuN had the same brilliant idea as I. I guess we can share it. 🙂


14 thoughts on “If I were a hero…

  1. Yeah, Peter Petrelli’s superpower is the mother of all super powers!! Life would be so much easier. And I promise to use it for GOOD only. Really!! (You mentioned some good ones from other runner’s! I read those and thought they were all pretty creative and useful!)

  2. Peter’s power is definitely the best. That or Claire’s: You’d never get injured and you’d never die so imagine all the races you could complete!

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