T.G.I. (Photo) F.

It’s Photo Friday for anyone who wants to participate – just let NikeMom know if you do.

Here’s hubby and chubby (that would be me last December) after the 2007 Santa Shuffle.

I’m feeling particularly festive and have a Christmas-filled weekend planned, including our local Santa Claus Parade, putting up the rest of the exterior lights, decorating the interior (even the tree!), all the while listening to some Christmas tunes. Can you tell that I LOVE CHRISTMAS?! All that will be left is the baking, but it’s far too dangerous to start that so soon. I don’t want to turn back into the Marlene pictured above. 😉

Weekend plans will also include a 7.5K run tonight, Boot Camp class tomorrow (still not sure what that entails!) and long run (going for two hours) on Sunday.

Have a good one!


13 thoughts on “T.G.I. (Photo) F.

  1. I was gonna say, “It’s not EVEN Thanksgiving yet!” But then I realized that in Canada, it’s already past Thanksgiving, so guess you should go ahead with your Santa plans and live it up!

  2. That sounds like fun getting the Xmas stuff out. I am considering puttting up the tree this weekend, since I’ll be away the next, and I don’t want to wait until December. Are you doing cardiocore bootcamp? Its a good program.

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