I hope everyone had a great weekend! I stayed off the compy for the most part, but caught up on almost everyone’s blogs last night. Probably have a little more catching up to do this morning. Congratulations to everyone who kicked asphalt in Philly! Can’t wait for the reports.

Quick recap of last week:

Monday: rest
Tuesday: H.O.T. + 6K
Wednesday: 9K
Thursday: Spin + 5K
Friday: rest
Saturday: Boot Camp* + 4K
Sunday: 14K**

*Boot Camp totally kicked my butt again on Saturday. We had a different instructor who did a lot less yelling but still kept us pumped up. We had 6 strength stations from chest presses to squats with body bars to push-ups, with bursts of cardio in between. My butt, quads and arms are still killing me!

**Yesterday I had planned 17K and drove out to the country to meet a girlfriend. My legs felt like dead weight from the moment we left the driveway and it was a struggle to make it as far as I did.

I’m still adjusting to the new cross-training schedule and running three of my runs immediately after a fitness class this week really did a number on my legs. But I think the bigger problem was not eating enough this week. I’ve been trying to lose the marathon bulge (just 1 lb to go!) and definitely kept the calories low this week. I should have known that chicken salad for dinner on Saturday was not going to cut it for a long run. Live and learn.

I’m planning to stick to a similar schedule this week with improved nutrition and see how my legs are for a long run next Sunday. If I’m still dragging my feet, I’ll need to re-assess.

For now, this week looks like:

Monday: 60 min. yoga class
Tuesday: H.O.T. + 8K
Wednesday: 8K
Thursday: Spin + 5K
Friday: 5K or rest depending on the legs
Saturday: Boot Camp
Sunday: 19K

I’ll leave you with a sneak peak at what else I was up to this weekend:


28 thoughts on “Recap

  1. You are a baking machine!! Can I invite myself over? LOLThe star cookies look great =)A good meal before a long run is as important as bringing water with you during the actual run. Having said that I’m not even running and carbo-loading like crazy so I need some of you motivation to lose the extra lbs (I call mine thesis-15)

  2. Yum! Those cookies look good. Now I’m itching to bake!I think the not eating enough probably has had an effect on you — I do that, too, and then my workouts suffer for it. So, I guess you need to eat some of those cookies!

  3. YUM! What time should i be there? LOL The eating thing is what gets me too, knowing how much to eat to sustain all the workouts, but not too much to gain weight… it’s a work in progress. have a great week!

  4. You’re a Christmas Cookie Maven!?! Whoa – that’s another skill I’m jealous off 🙂 I just never get the urge to bake. My poor kiddies.Great job on last week – those workouts are crazay!

  5. All those cookies look so yummy! Great job on all the running, especially after those workouts! That is the hardest part – getting out and running after boot camp and stuff! Keep working at it – It will make you stronger!

  6. Oh wow, why did you have to show me that. I had to have picked the worst time to read that post. I’m just heading to lunch. Now I must pray to not give in to my sweet tooth.

  7. All the desserts look so good. I love baking for the holidays. The best part is after baking so much, I don’t feel like eating what I made. Helps to save on the calories. But, it is game on for the stuff others make.

  8. Looks yummy! Can I come over? Yup, trying to find the balance between cross training and running and having fresh legs is an interesting one. I try to get my runs out the way first, but I’m not sure if that is an option for you.Have a great week!

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