Inspired by Jess, Mel and Marcy‘s recent posts, I decided to take a look at my mileage for this year.

Not surprisingly, March was my lowest month when I was sidelined with an IT band injury and August was the highest, being one month before my marathon.

So, what’s the verdict?

1427 KM this year to-date = 886 miles.

I would have to run an additional 114 miles by December 31st to hit 1000 for the year, or 183K. Out of curiosity, I took a look at my program and wouldn’t you know it – I’m scheduled to run 185K. Seems to me it’s meant to be.

So now I have added motivation to stick to the plan this month, even through the holidays – I’m going for 1000!


25 thoughts on “1000

  1. wow i am so glad that works out perfectly for you to hit 1000 miles!! Thats great! I hope I can hit 1000 miles when I start to train after track.

  2. I am excited for you and know you can reach this goal. When you get sick out the miles this month you can send Marcy a “thank you” note :)now go run those miles girl!!!!!!!!

  3. That is some GREAT mileage and a cool graph to showcase it. 1000 miles in the year’s plan without even, well, planning it? It is meant to be!

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