Early Christmas Present!

Yesterday my girlfriend surprised me with an early gift – an item which I just so happen to have had my eye on ever since Chic Runner raved about it: NIKE HATPHONES!

I have a 3rd generation iPod and worried that it wouldn’t fit in the narrow pocket inside the hat, but it fit perfectly. I can’t wait to try these babies tonight!

No more wire woes for me. Now they just need to come up with a summer version…


4 slow miles on the treadmill before Spin last night. I just read a magazine and took is easy so I’d actually have some energy left. Our Spin instructor incorporated some Christmas tunes into the mix, which totally got me going. Have I mentioned how much I love Christmas? 😉

Tonight we have an anniversary dinner to attend right after work, but I’ll be heading out for another 3 miles/5K when we get home.

Good luck to everyone running CIM or LVM this weekend (any other racers too!) – can’t wait to read the reports next week.


21 thoughts on “Early Christmas Present!

  1. Nike should just hire me to make stuff up for them! So glad you got it! It’s sooo weird running with it without wires.. You just have like a little radio on your head and I keep thinking to myself, no one else knows! It’s weird but cool, hope you enjoy it, and it works as good for you as it did me!

  2. Yippy… I want one of those so badly. I am so sick and tired of messing with my ipod wire’s….. I can’t remember if you left a link… I will double check.. if not I am going straight to google.

  3. Luck-ey. Let us know the results as I am debating getting one…or convincing fam members to buy one. BTW, I love your tat. I am hoping to do the full Scotia this year and be able to do the same.

  4. I was eyeing one of those. instead I have one of those Nike wraparound phones.. They’re pretty good as well. You’ll have to let us know how effective they are.

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