Monday already?!

First off, I am happy to report that the Hatphones worked very well. My iPod fir neatly in the pocket and I couldn’t even feel it (surprisingly) once I put the hat on. It was easy to position the speakers directly over my ears or slightly askew so I could hear more ‘background’ noise. I wore them on a two hour run yesterday (more on that to follow) and it was such a relief not to be messing around with wires. This is definitely a keeper and I highly recommend it. Chic Runner posted a website with a great deal for the Americans but here in Canada it’s available at the Running Room (although I can’t seem to find it online).

My weekend was somewhat of a whirlwind of parties, with a 30th anniversary dinner for dear family friends on Friday night, a Christmas open house at my (almost-9-months-pregnant) cousin’s on Saturday afternoon, a girls’ evening of decorating gingerbread houses and playing Cranium Saturday night and my nephew’s 2nd Birthday party on Sunday.

Here’s a quick pic of hubby and I at dinner (it’s not ever day you get to see me in something other than running attire) and a peak at the gingerbread madness.

In the midst of all the parties, I still made it to Boot Camp Saturday morning and logged another 15.5 miles toward my goal of 1000 in 2008. Saturday morning I logged a short 3 before boot camp and yesterday morning I headed out for 20K (about 12.5mi) in very wintery conditions – it was -12C (10F) with a -20C (-4F) windchill and gusting winds over 40 km/h. I ran through snow drifts and fought blustering snow from all directions. There were a few mishaps along the way – frozen Sharkies, frozen water (should’ve used vodka) and a dropped glove in the port-o-let – but I stuck it out and finished the run in about 2:05.

Overall, week one was a success and I logged 3K more than planned.

On to week two…

Monday: off
Tuesday: 5K easy (+ H.O.T. class)
Wednesday: 7K with 20 mins. steady state (5:28-5:37/KM pace)
Thursday: 5K recovery (+ Spin)
Friday: 6K easy
Saturday: off (Boot Camp)
Sunday: 22K steady run (6:04 to 6:41/KM)

Weekly Total: 45K

Time to catch up on what you’ve all been up to this weekend – congrats to all the racers!


24 thoughts on “Monday already?!

  1. you’re brave to have run outside yesterday, i opted for the treadmill. i didn’t want to add another injury or mishap to my 2008 lol. Sounds like a great weekend, with awesome mileage! 🙂

  2. Great photo! I don’t know, you look so FANCY when you’re not in running attire. 😉 And I love gingerbread houses…to think that’s the same person who braves blustering gales and below freezing temps for 20K! Definitely best to keep a small flask of vodka for days like that.

  3. That is a really nice photo! It is nice to see pictures of people in “real life” :). Your distances are impressive. You must really be in great shape with all this cross training and runs. I also decided on running on an indoor track…round, and round, and round, and round….

  4. I just stumbled across your blog and really enjoy it! I saw those hatphones on the chic runner’s blog too. I’m definetly adding them to my xmas list. You inspired me to run outside today too. I figured if you could do it up in Canada, I can certainly do it along the mid Atlantic!

  5. What a crazy weather we’ve been having lately!! Good job on the 12 miler in that =)My dog goes outside for a big 2 mins and wants to come back home, he’s shivering and holding his paws in the air looking at me weirdly… it’s going to be a long winter for him LOL

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