Strides – help!

I neglected to mention yesterday that my program this week calls for my first dose of strides.

Hubby kindly included the following explanation in my spreadsheet:

Strides are NOT all-out sprints but are short periods of faster running starting at around 5K race pace and getting faster to around mile race pace (95% of top speed).

7km with 4 Strides of 25 seconds each starting at 5K pace and progressing down to mile race effort with 1 minute recovery jog between.

Apparently my stride pace should range from 4:59 to 4:27 / KM (8:01 to 7:10 / mile).

I’m having a hard time deciding when to incorporate the strides this week. My weekday runs are either on the treadmill at the gym before/after HOT/Spin class or in the dark.

I’ve also been told that I can incorporate it into my long run, but I just can’t picture myself moving that quickly at any point during a 24 KM run.

What should I do?! Any words of wisdom would be appreciated.


21 thoughts on “Strides – help!

  1. unless you do it tonight before it gets dark out… hmmm, can you go now? LOL then treadmill will probably be the best choice since they’re calling for about 15cm of the fluffy white stuff overnight 😦 good luck and have fun! 🙂

  2. ohhh my training program has strides too and they are fun 🙂 they actually dont take as much out of you as you think, you could totally incorporate them into a long run. just short bursts of speed, i dont even really worry about the pace just pick it up (not into a sprint) for about 100m then slow back down between them. i usually did mine at the end of a run… so if i was doing a 6 mile run i would incoporate the strides into the last mile. hope that helps some 🙂

  3. i always thought of strides as being 100-200 yards, and that you do a few at the end of a run rather than in the middle somewhere to “stride out” your legs and get a mini dose of speed. maybe we are calling different things the same name though. if you are supposed to do them in the middle of your run somewhere i would consider that more a ‘fartlek’.since his description says “25 seconds” you could do them after your run. it shouldn’t add on too much distance.i hope i am more helpful than confusing! in general, the goal is to show your legs some speed but not enough (nor for long enough) to raise lactate levels and tire them out.good luck – enjoy churning your legs faster for a few seconds!

  4. Yes, strides really aren’t that bad. Embrace the strides! On the long run it can actually help my leg fatigue to try to throw some in– something about using different muscles, perhaps?

  5. This is so funny, I did my first strides tonight and I had to look it up as well. I liked them (although they were tough). More effecient than speed, IMO. Hope yours went well.

  6. This is so funny, I did my first strides tonight and I had to look it up as well. I liked them (although they were tough). More effecient than speed, IMO. Hope yours went well.

  7. Doing the strides at an end of a workout might be hard but I feel like they will help in the long run.I would just try to pick up your pace for the 25 seconds. Experiment and see how it goes!

  8. My advice would be that they don’t really take that much effort. I seriously think you could do them towards the end of your long run. I think you’d be surprised.

  9. I’m not much help since I run outside 95% of the time. I like how they do it on the Biggest loser. They crank the treadmill of to the stride pace, stand on the sides then jump on and run for the alloted time, then jump off and slow the treadmill back down before they get back on. That might work for you.

  10. But you really can do it on a long run! In fact, it may be easier, since you will already be running long enough to have time to do them. Just do some quick pickups, stretching out a little more than on intervals. I used to do them every mile, for one minute or whatever works with your plan. Then drop back to long run pace. It breaks up the monotony and helps build endurance for the longer distances.

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