T-G-I- Snowy Photo Friday

The Greater Toronto Area is being pounded by a winter storm today – it’s freezing cold, windy and the snow has been falling non-stop since this morning.

From these pictures, it doesn’t look like much snow has settled, but that’s because it’s blowing all over the place. If I was brave enough to venture more than a foot outside the house, I’d show you some ginormous snow drifts.

I was able to leave work super early, got my hair done and made it home safe and sound (yay snow tires!). Why is there always a snow storm on the day of my company Christmas party? Thankfully, the bosses are paying for a taxi to chauffeur us to and from the event, so we don’t have to worry about driving.

Went for a quick 7K last night which turned into 8.7 due to a wrong turn. I was able to incorporate 25 minutes of steady state that I had missed on Tuesday and actually ran the entire route at steady state pace. I’m happy to report that my mojo stuck around. I skipped Spin for the first time since I started 5 or 6 weeks ago (oh, the guilt!) to get some housework and last minute Christmas shopping done. I’ll make up for it next week… on a week day… when I’m at home… during the day!

Regardless of the festivities tonight, I’ll be up early tomorrow for a run and Boot Camp. I’ve recruited some company for 24K on Sunday – the forecast is calling for another snow storm, but hopefully it’ll hold off til we finish the run.

Time to start getting ready and incase I haven’t mentioned it, today was my last day of work until January 5th!

Have a great weekend!

ETA: Quick bathroom self-portrait before we go. Hopefully the blizzard won’t ruin my hair! :S


23 thoughts on “T-G-I- Snowy Photo Friday

  1. that’s awesome of your company to pay for taxis, and you look great! Enjoy the night and your vacation!! and good luck with Sunday’s run… hope the snow waits for you too…

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