mini recap and MERRY CHRISTMAS!

This week has not gone exactly as planned. I woke up yesterday morning with extremely sore and tired legs. Apparently, it was not the brightest idea to take a fitness class at the gym (especially not one called High Octane Training) the day after a 24K run. High octane recovery might have been a better idea.

I’ve listened to my body for the past couple days in an effort to recuperate. Ran a 10K yesterday and 5K this morning, both at recovery pace. I decided to skip yesterday’s Spin and today’s Boot Camp. These legs needed a break, especially with 10 mile race on Friday.

With all of this free time, I was able to do some shopping and scored a great deal on this awesome jacket:

I love the colour, the warm and fuzzy fabric on the inside, the thumb holes, the little zip pocket… and the colour!

Here I am heading out for my run yesterday:

I also picked up a new pair of shoes. In two years of running, I have yet to find the shoe for me, so whenever a new pair of motion control shoes arrives at our local store, my girlfriend who works there gives me a heads up so I can try them. The latest ones are Saucony’s Progrid Stabil CS. They feel comfortable, but I have to try them out on the treadmill a few times before I commit to keeping them.

That’s about it for me. I can’t believe it’s Christmas Eve already! This evening we’re heading to my parents’ house where we’ll spend the night and all day tomorrow. They live just 15 minutes away, but I love waking up with Mom and Dad and my ‘little’ (23, 19, 17) brother and sisters and spending those first early morning moments together while we’re still groggy – it’s my favourite part of the day.

Interesting fact of the day: it looks like this will be the first time since 1971 when all of Canada will have a white Christmas. How cool is that?

Merry Christmas to my RBFs! Wishing you all safe travels, full bellies and plenty of cheer. It’s the most wonderful time of the year!


17 thoughts on “mini recap and MERRY CHRISTMAS!

  1. LOL! Too funny that we both posted about shoes! we’re both shoe whores šŸ™‚ Have a Merry Xmas with the family, wish hubby a Merry Xmas from us too! hope those shoes work out well for you, and i love that jacket! Awesome!

  2. awww, you missed Tracey’s annual boot camp junk food extravaganza.One year someone made her jello shots..and she ate them during boot camp. That was an interesting class to be sure!

  3. Yay to a white Christmas! Although it rained all day here :S and the wind is totally crazy right now 60 km/h… I also have yet to find the perfect shoe for my feet. They cost so much money too, very frustrating!!

  4. Merry Christmas! We had a white Christmas here in Utah. We had about 18 inches in our driveway and more in the forcast…glad I don’t have to go anywhere.Hope you have a great holiday!

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