One day to the next

You just never know what you’re gonna get when it comes to the weather around here.

These photos were taken just days ago:

We’ve had a rainy couple of days and some unseasonably mile temperatures, as demonstrated by my husband’s running wardrobe yesterday; Shorts. In December. In Ontario.

By today, our streets were flooded and almost all of the snow had melted:

This morning as I set out to meet some friends for 10K in the country, it was pouring rain and extremely windy, gusting over 90 km/h. Thankfully, the skies cleared by the time we set out for our run, but the wind was not cutting us any slack. Apparently I wasn’t the only one fighting the ridiculous winds today. Like Mel, I was certain that I wasn’t moving at all when we faced the headwind (while dodging various flying objects and falling branches) and felt as though I was about to take flight in the tailwind.

Myself and a couple of other keeners were feeling foolish ambitious and added an additional loop to our planned route, for a total of 13K. It was also a particularly hilly run, in the beautiful rolling (I may have referred to it as lifesucking at one point during the run…) countryside. Between the wind and the hills it was challenging to say the least, but the scenery and compaany were worth it.


25 thoughts on “One day to the next

  1. i was shocked this morning to see green grass after what seemed like endless shoveling last week! great job on the run! Hey! we have the same distance to go before hitting our goals! you have 5 miles, i have 8.1k!

  2. It’s been crazy here too! So nice to run in the warmth this morning. My Dad and I went out before the wind was too strong, it only went up to 60 km/h, not the big 90 like you guys!It was enough for us LOL You’re a strong woman!!

  3. we hit 69 on Sat and about that same yesterday here in Ky. Today back down a bit to 43 but it is a nice break from the freezing cold. I just moved here from Ut, and the part I lived in would get as low as -15 and for about a month or two our high would be -1. Ky, is suiting me just fine this winter. =)

  4. We had wind here too and it was insane! If it hadn’t been windy it would have been so nice and warm outside!! Plus all our snow is gone too! Great job on the 13k!

  5. Your post made me giggle.. We have had some crazy stuff here in the GTA too. Today I did my long run before Disney as I was afraid of getting blown off the street yesterday. I had to dodge a few minor ice patches but it was otherwise perfect running conditions! Crazy.

  6. ROFLMAO! Isn’t it crazy?!? Snow storms one day and then shorts weather the next?!? Too bad the nice weather won’t be here for long (at least not in NY. BAH!)

  7. OMG that is soooo crazy!!! its been really warm here lately after our “cold” streak. i think it was 67 today?!?! ohhh 5 miles you are SO going to get it πŸ™‚

  8. this weather has been pretty weird everywhere lately! don’t think i would’ve headed out for a run in such strong winds… way to get out there and brave it.

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