Home stretch

The event photographer captured this highly unflattering pic as I approached the finish line of Friday’s 10-Miler.

We’re also in the home stretch of 2008 and I’m so close to my goal of 1000 miles I can taste it. I’ll check back in tomorrow to report on that.


23 thoughts on “Home stretch

  1. I think the picture is perfect – shows that you are definitely busting your butt to get to the finish. Have fun getting in those last miles to reach your goal – almost there!

  2. It’s great that the photographer found you-that’s part of the post-race ritual-checking to see if your pic was taken. Good luck hitting tje Big 1K. (Hopefully unlike me you didn’t gain 10 pounds in doing so!)

  3. Unflattering??? This is awesome. This tells such a great story. This shows you persevering to accomplish your goals. I would blow this up to a poster size and put it on your wall. Congrats!

  4. please this is not unflattering! you can tell you are really pushing hard to get to the finish line. and at least you aren’t invisible to the photographers like i always seem to be.

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