January: Followed a training schedule for the first time with the Running Room half marathon clinic and met many new friends.

February: Decided that I might want to run a marathon.

March: Set a PR by almost 12 minutes at the Chilly Half (2:01:00). Suffered an IT band injury, which laid me up for almost three weeks.

April: Finally started running again, but I realized I would not be prepared for a May marathon. Decided I would run the Toronto Waterfront Marathon in September instead. Had a wonderful experience volunteering at the local Hartwell Half Marathon.

May: Ran the Sporting Life 10K and surprised myself with a time of 49:10 (net downhill). Took a ball to the ankle straight off the bat at a softball game and hobbled around on crutches for a week.

June: Got dirty at my first trail race, the Mud Run 10K. Competed in the Toronto City Chase, an urban adventure race taking us all over Toronto on foot completing crazy challenges along the way. Vowed to participate in each of these races again next year. Began building mileage in my marathon training.

July: Ran my first 5K in 23:37 at a small community event and placed 1/15 for my age group. Continued building mileage and celebrated my longest run ever, knowing this would be a continual occurrence for the remainder of the summer.

August: Ran my first 30K (training) run, followed by a 35K two weeks later. 222KM for the month (this still stands as my highest month ever) and the countdown was on for my first marathon.

September: Hit the wall hard during my third and final 30K+ run. Taper madness set in. I used the downtime to reflect on how far I had come.And finally, on September 28, 2008, I became a marathoner.

October: Recovered. Got a tattoo to commemorate my accomplishment. Ran the Toronto Zoo 10K for fun with a bunch of friends – pleased with 50:59 for the challenging course. Spectated at the Toronto Marathon to witness my hubby’s 1:40 half marathon and my girlfriend’s Boston qualification.

November: Ran my third half marathon and my first <2:00 at the Hamilton Road2Hope. Decided to take up cross-training.

December: Began training for my next marathon. Celebrated losing 30 lbs this year. Realized that I could achieve 1000 miles for the year. As of this morning, I have reached that goal, with 1003 miles or 1614 kilometres logged in 2008.

Happy New Year!


22 thoughts on “2008

  1. Congratulations on reaching 1000 miles for the year! That is such a great accomplishment!! I love how you reviewed 2008! Very nice!You had such a great year, 2009 will surely be even better! Happy New Year!

  2. Great post, great year! It’s been amazing getting to know you, and I am excited to see what you do in ’09! Congrats on all your achievements, weight-loss and all! You’re awesome! 🙂

  3. Definitely a kick ass year!! Congrats on the marathon and multiple halfs. Losing weight and being super fit! I’m sure 2009 reserves more great accomplishments.

  4. What an unbelievable year! I’m so excited that I got to catch up with you this year!You have done more on one year than most people do in 10. Be proud of what you’ve accomplished. Congrats on the huge goal of 1,000 miles!

  5. Wow! What a great year you have had!Those are some seriously impressive times. Impressive mileage too. You should be so proud of everything this year!There is a similar “city race” here in Philly. My husband and I saw people doing it last year in the city when we were looking for a place to live. We may have to check that out.

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