How is this fair?

While my hubby is enjoying this view from his hotel, we have been getting continuous snowfall for the past 24 hours. I slept in a little this morning after a night out with some friends and when I finally opened the front door, I didn’t think I was going to make it to meet my group in time for our long run. There was a snow drift almost waist-high in the driveway and it was still snowing. I had to floor it to get my car out of the garage and through the snow (thank you, snow tires), but miraculously arrived on time.

I was surprised that almost everyone showed up. We set out and braved unplowed roads and snow pounding our faces. Every step took immense effort and my muscles were exhausted just trying to continue the forward motion.

Thankfully, the temperature was pleasant at around -5C (23F) so the run wasn’t completely miserable. For the time time in weeks, my water didn’t freeze!

After slipping and sliding around in the snow for almost two hours (I really need to try some YakTrax), I have muscles aching that I didn’t know existed.

Despite all the complaining, it was a pretty enjoyable run. I may not have said this a few hours ago, but I’m glad I went.

17.42K (10.82 miles)
6:35/KM pace

Unfortunately, I came home and had to contend with the driveway shoveling. Where’s my husband when I need him?!


27 thoughts on “How is this fair?

  1. i shoveled then ran LOL. it was a slippery run out there, good job though! I was also wondering this morning how much YakTrax would have helped. Time to maybe stop thinking about it and getting them. Wow, his view is amazing. Glad he made it there safely, but ya, not fair at all. Have a great week! 🙂

  2. Sounds like your husband is just rubbing it in that he is in nice weather! Great job on the run though – I really don’t enjoy running in snow, especially for those long distances!

  3. Not fair at all! You definitely need Yak Trax – I’ve had them on my shoes pretty much continuously since the beginning of December. Glad you made it through the snow for a great run.

  4. You know for all the cold weather we get in Philly, I’m so glad we don’t get a ton of snow. Light dustings are just fine. Running in cold is one thing. Running in slippery snow is a whole new ball game.Get your Yaks.

  5. great job. I did about the same thing today (17.2km) along part of the route the Chilly goes through…let’s hope they plow and salt if it is anything like it was yesterday.

  6. Definitely not fair! He needs to take you on a nice, exotic, tropical vacation. Good work getting out in that miserable weather! They say that which does not kill you only makes you stronger.

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