Lunch time chiller

I decided to take advantage of the beautiful sunny day we’re having and hit the streets over lunch hour. I’m glad I checked The Weather Network and bundled up because it was friggin cold brisk.

(That’s 7F, “feels like” -9F)

I was pleased to discover that the sidewalks had been roughly plowed so I started out on a route which makes a large square around my office on 4 major roads. I had turned the first corner and was about half way to the next turn when I saw this:

(Try to picture it buried in snow!)

I stopped and looked around. The sidewalk was non-existent beyond the sign, there was no safe way to cross the road and I really didn’t feel like back-tracking. So on I went! For the next 1.5K, I trudged through snow over 1 foot deep; I wouldn’t even call it running. It tired me out (and soaked my feet/legs) making the rest of the run more difficult than it should have been, but before long I was back at the office.

8.15K = 5.06mi
5:57/KM = 9:36/mi

And now I’m shivering away at my desk with a red face and wet hair, but I feel refreshed and invigorated. Nothing beats getting out of the office for some fresh air.


20 thoughts on “Lunch time chiller

  1. you are seriously inspirational! trudging through the snow at lunch time? I’m going to be tapping your resources soon when i start marathon planning and training. I’m going to need some advice about running my first one! eek!

  2. ahhhh, construction, snow and unplowed sidewalks… sounds like Toronto in winter to me 😀 I just came back from a lunchtime ‘trudge through snow’ as well! Great job on the run!

  3. Yikes, way to slug it out! We don’t have showers here so I just have to wait until I get home, and by then, well, sometimes I just don’t run! LOL…that’ll all change next weekend when marathon training begins….oh well, it was a nice vacay while it lasted!

  4. Sounds like a interesting workout! At least you are refreshed now from the workout – I always liked how it made the rest of the day go faster! Hope that works for you!

  5. Yay for a lunch time run!! Glad to hear that I’m not the only one. Although… your 9F would be friggin way to cold for me to venture out!! Great job on your run, though!

  6. i always *want* to run at lunch but i never do. i get lazy and choose to eat instead. so, running at lunch anddd in the freakin’ cold, you are my hero. i ran in like 29* last night and i’m still shivering.

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