T.G.I. (Foto) Friday

My contribution for this week’s Foto Friday is a shot that my sister snapped of hubby and I approaching the finish line at our first half marathon (and first race ever) in September ’07. Notice how beautifully she captured our matching stride and hand-holding. I absolutely love it.

Speaking of hubby, his business trip has unfortunately been extended from four to seven weeks, so he won’t be coming home until March 7th.

One week down, six to go…

Thankfully I have a wonderful family and truly amazing friends who are doing their best to keep me busy and make me smile. Special thanks to Sarah who had a beautiful arrangement of flowers delivered to my office yesterday and totally made my day week.

I hope everyone’s weekend gets off to a good start. Today is my rest day and I’m going out to dinner with my Mom. Tomorrow I’ll be cross-country skiing (for the first time in years!) with one of my running friends and Sunday I’m running the Robbie Burns 8K Road Race with a couple guys from my clinic (just doing it for fun… and the tartan PJ pants). Hope to see you there, Marci!


20 thoughts on “T.G.I. (Foto) Friday

  1. I love those pictures! So cute! Good luck at the race! Too bad about your husband having to stay away longer : ( Hopefully it will go by quickly!

  2. Super great pictures! My husband travels quite a bit too so I know how much it blows. 7 weeks is a very long time! It sounds like you have a great plan for filling your time with great stuff!

  3. Great pictures!! I will see you Sun… for what looks like it will be a frigid run!! I am just running for ‘fun’too.. I have to get a long run in tomorrow.

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