Silver Lining

We’ve had a heck of a lot of snow (accompanied by bitter cold temperatures) over the past several days, and it seems there’s a lot more on the way.

So, any takers?

It’s Foto Friday and you know what else that means? 2 weeks down and 5 to go (til hubby comes home).

If there’s ever a good time to be laid up with an injury in Ontario, it’s January and February. But don’t get me wrong – I’d do just about anything to be outside freezing my butt off and trudging through the snow.

For now, I’m putting in some serious couch time, reading some great borrowed books (Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert at the moment) and memorizing the daytime television schedule.

Thank you for your continued care and concern. Your comments never fail to make me smile. Have a great weekend and run a mile or two for me, would ya?


23 thoughts on “Silver Lining

  1. I can definitely run a couple of miles for you this weekend. I’m doing a 4th Down and 4 (Miler) race on Sunday morning. It will help me burn some calories that will clearly be re-consumed later that day.Hope you’re doing well, Marlene!

  2. I’ll through in an extra two miles to my long run this weekend for ya. It is actually to be above freezing here on Saturday. That has been awhile. I hope my miles help ya.

  3. Once you can run again, you’ll have all this rest in your tank to really get going! I loved Eat, Pray, Love – the Italy section was my favorite. Hope you enjoy it!

  4. I would take some snow. We don’t much in my part of NC. We did have 5 inches a few weeks ago and that was BIG…it was the first real snow in 10 -15 years. Maybe that’s why I like snow …it does stay around long and we don’t get it much.I’ll run 9 miles for you tomorrow!

  5. Way to go. Happy reading and tv viewing, homie. That definitely is the “bright side” and silver lining attitude you need. I am thinking of you and sending happy healing vibes.

  6. It took me a second on the 42.2…had to double check, oh yeah, Canada! Duh, I live in the only damn place that doesn’t use the metric system. So stupid. Anyway, feel better soon. Injuries suck.

  7. cute sign, i hope you get some takers! ;-)hope you are feeling a little better and monday is growing closer every minute. i ran a few for ya today and will try to make sure i get out tomorrow too!

  8. Hope you’re feeling a little better. Freakin snow, I have no idea where I’m going to put the new one…. I already have to put it up higher than my shoulders… hard!!Take care of yourself.

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