On a day like today…

…I really miss running.

I woke up this morning to sweltering above-freezing temperatures and a bright sunny sky. It was painful to spend all day indoors. It’s been 8 days since the accident and ten days since my last run. This is definitely not the way I intended to finish the month.

I feel sluggish, bored and frustrated. Hoping for some answers from the orthopaedic specialist tomorrow.

Thanks to everyone who ran some miles on my behalf this weekend. I don’t know what I would do during times like this without such a great support group.


25 thoughts on “On a day like today…

  1. Looking forward to your post tomorrow, hope you get some good news 🙂 Glad you got a pillow aided sleep in your bed too!! You still beat my mileage for the month despite your days off!! 😀

  2. Hope you get good news tomorrow! I felt a little guilty today not wanting to run, I eventually did, and it was it part because I thought of how much you likely wanted to get out and run! Hang in there, still sending healing vibes your way!

  3. Good luck tomorrow and give it time. Yes, today was a nice day for a run, but basically most days are too cold or have bad footing, so if this had to happen to you at all it’s a good time of year to be healing.

  4. Is there anyway to do cross training like sitting on the bike or something?? Its hard for me to tell how restricted you are – just a suggestion!

  5. Just hang in there. I’m pretty sure with that type of injury you’re looking at 6-8 weeks healing and recovery, and maybe about 4-6 weeks of rebuilding, so its not going to be a quick fix. Not trying to be pessimistic about it, just realistic, so you know what you are facing. You should be able to start running (hopefully) based on your ortho’s recommendations, but hopefully within 6 weeks. The problem you will have is whether the bones are healed, and that may be 8 weeks. If so, then probably no running for at least that long. After that, it will most likely be how much you can tolerate. Its so hard to look that far down the road and yet not know what’s going to happen. I would think you could easily sit on a bike, or maybe do elliptical within a few weeks, however. The fact that you are getting restless is actually a good sign.

  6. I wish I could do more than run for you.I actually talked Mr C into running 12 miles instead of 9 this weekend. That’s the 3rd time I’ve run that far and that’s the farthest he has ever run.We’re feeling it too 🙂

  7. Thanks for visiting me. I’m sorry to hear you’re laid up with an injury. Nothing is worse than wanting to run and not being able to! I’m going to add you to my blog list if that’s OK.

  8. i hope today went well! i definitely thought of you on my run yesterday. it was sunny and in the 50’s and i thought about how perfect the weather was on my honorary run for you. we got in 8.1 miles by the way, if you want to log it :)keep your head up. we all have setbacks but you’ll bounce back!

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