Interview and Foto Friday

Jess sent me these interview questions earlier this week. If you’d like to participate, see the instructions below.

1. What is the greatest challenge about fitting training in with the rest of your life?

My weight. This may seem unusual, but I struggle to lose/maintain my weight while training for long distances. It seems I still have to figure out how much to eat (and what to eat) to adequately fuel my body without using the training as an excuse to pig out. I have deep-rooted food issues and this is an ongoing battle for me.

2. If you could only choose one distance to race from here on out, what would you choose and why?

I would have to say marathon. If I only had the time/energy/resources to complete one marathon per year as opposed to, say, four half marathons or five 10K’s, I would still go for the marathon. I’ve only run one so far and I’m not done yet.

3. If you could live anywhere, and cost of living and job availability weren’t issues, where would you want to live?

I would love to live in New York City, but only temporarily. Long-term, I can only imagine living right where I am now in Greater Toronto suburbia. I love that I’m close enough to the big city to enjoy its conveniences, but far enough away to avoid its inconveniences. Plus, I couldn’t stand to be away from my family.

4. What’s the best part about your typical day?

During the week it would have to be the short time in the evening before bed when hubby and I can finally unwind together. Before that, we always seem to be rushing around. On the weekend, I love waking up in the morning and hanging out before starting our day, especially if we don’t have much going on and we can just take it easy.

5. If you could only accomplish one thing in the rest of your life, what would it be and why?

Motherhood. I’m not ready for children just yet, but I have always pictured myself as a mom. I have a wonderful relationship with my parents and I look forward to giving them grand-children to love… although my mom is not ready to be a grandma just yet. 😉

(Great questions, Jess!)

To play along:

1. Leave me a comment saying, “Interview me.”
2. I will respond by emailing you five questions. (I get to pick the questions).
3. You will update your blog with the answers to the questions.
4. You will include this explanation and an offer to interview others in the same post.
5. When others comment asking to be interviewed, you will ask them five questions.


In honour of Foto Friday, this is me straddling the Prime Meridien at the Royal Observatory in Greenwich, England in 2007. This was one of the coolest parts of the trip.

Have a great weekend!


29 thoughts on “Interview and Foto Friday

  1. I love the picture from greenwich. I feel like I saw a lot of the UK, but this wasn’t a stop I got to make. Your interview is fun – the eating and weight thing really is a tough one. I’m interested to see what people would want to know about me, not just the stuff I ramble on about anyway. So, interview me if you’d like!

  2. great picture! i want to go to England as well. Awesome interview too… i think you’d make a great mother. My dad isn’t ready to be a grandfather either, and T is 10! i wish i was kidding. the food/fueling thing is an ongoing struggle for me too.

  3. I struggle with my weight when training as well.And love your answer to #5. Motherhood is something I didn’t think I was ready for either…but it has the best thing that’s ever happened in my life.and marathon? really? CrAzY woman!! 🙂

  4. Great pics, how neat! I really liked your interview. I am right there with you on the weight thing, I have not lost anything during half marathon training, if anything I’m a couple pounds heavier. And your #2 is interesting and really makes me want to go for the full soon! Interview me if you’re bored, it will give me something besides dog pics to post:)

  5. Um…Hi Marlene….Long time lurker, first time commenter…I used to be a runner. And one day, I “took a few days off”…and just never started again. I’m going to try to get going again (we have a dog now, so I’ll have a built in running pal), and I’m using your blog as inspiration. I always see the hardcore runners by the river in Calgary, cranking out their 1038th kilometer or whatever, and I feel silly for having to run one minute, walk 4, so I usually quit and go home. But then I read some of your earliest running posts, and it reminds me that everyone started somewhere- nobody ran a marathon right out of the gate.So, I defintely have NOTHING in common with the rest of the content of your blog, but you can interview me if you’d like.

  6. Love the pics! And the interview. I struggle with keeping the weight in check too while training. It doesn’t help that running all those miles makes me hungry all the time.Sigh…

  7. Love it!! Yes, please…interview me!!!#1 – Yes, totally understand. I could just not get hold of my eating while I was training. I ate the whole house down! I’m trying to work on that this year.

  8. I agree on #1 for sure-I gained weight training for a marathon! Before I took that on, I had a pretty good routine and knew what to eat–clearly I was supposed to eat more than before but I took it too far. Plus once I finihsed I was used to eating more.

  9. great interview and love the pics! i have been struggling with eating/weight since the goofy, but i have a feeling maybe i wasn’t eating enough every day and that led to this recent fall out (/pig out). hopefully we’ll both figure it out asap!

  10. What great pictures. I would love to got England one day.I loved learning more about you…and noticed we have a lot in common. I too struggle with my weight. I LOVE food and LOVE to eat but hate the weight. After 5 months of running I think I finally know my balance.Wow I so admire you for running the marathon. I really want to do one but I’m scared. I’ll be doing my second half this March. If it goes well then I will do the Marine marathon in DC this Oct.Hope you have a great weekend.

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