Good news x 2

This morning I had my follow-up appointment at the Fracture Clinic. My shoulder has healed up very nicely since the accident on January 24th. The x-ray indicates almost complete healing and I have full mobility of my shoulder/arm. It will take a little bit of time to build my strength back up, but doc suspects I will be 100% in another few weeks. YAY!

And the even better news? I ran yesterday. I ran! I was extremely nervous as I stepped out the door yesterday afternoon (in a snow storm, no less), but I was pleasantly surprised. My shoulder didn’t bother me at all (didn’t even wear the evil blood-clot-causing sling). My legs felt like they could GO! GO! GO!, but I took my time and held an easy pace. By the end of 4.2K (2.5mi) my lungs felt like they were going to burst, so I headed home feeling satisfied.

I’m not sure what to expect as far as building my endurance back up, so I’m taking it a day at a time. It just feels so darn good to be able to run again. Hallelujah!

There’s still some really, really crappy stuff going on, but a little bit of good news can go a long way. And let me tell you, I really needed some good news right about now. Thanks for all of your comments and support. It helps having people behind me, even virtually.


41 thoughts on “Good news x 2

  1. That’s great that you got out to run, Marlene. Nothing like a little exercise to clear your head.Don’t worry about working back up. It will come. Besides, now you have an excuse to run a shorter distance 🙂

  2. I’m so glad you got to go run. Congrats on the shoulder.Sometimes getting out there and running can make that not so good stuff not seem so bad.good luck girl!E

  3. Hang tough girl, good and / or bad. Great news on getting out for a run, I can’t believe it has been a month, I bet you can’t believe it HAS been a month!Take care of yourself….sometimes being on the couch curled up with a comforter is okay you know….

  4. Marlene, that is very good news! Finally able to run. And just when winter is trying to get in one last (or hopefully last) hurrah! If you are taking blood thinner medication, you can expect to be a little fatigued from that until you’re off it for a while, so be patient.

  5. Marlene, I’m so glad to hear you are healing up well and were able to go out for a run!!! That must have felt amazing!I’m sorry to hear that you have more bad news to deal with though. Geez, more hugs your way…best of luck!

  6. As a P.S. to the effects of blood thinners and exercise–you may or may not hear this from any doctor and I did mention this above, but with the thinner blood, its almost like you are anemic, so you feel a little fatigued and sluggish when exerting. It shouldn’t prevent you from doing anything, but you may become frustrated. (I have known several athletes who were on it temporarily for injuries or surgeries and they all reported the same thing when resuming exercise.)Once off the blood thinners (6 months is the norm), it may take another month or so to build back up.

  7. This is great news!! I am so happy that you are out there and running again. I hope it helps with the other stuff you are going through! I look forward to seeing you Sunday!

  8. ok, im all caught up with whats going on with you- bloodwork, etc. You’ve seriously had a really rough month!!!Good news about the shoulder. I think your endurance will come back more quickly than you think.Ok, so Im all glad about the shoulder and keeping you in my thoughts about everything else.You are definitely being tested this year! Just make sure you show how strong you really are.

  9. yayy! what a relief, my legs were getting a little tired with all your miles! 😉 i’m so glad you ran PAIN FREE. the fitness will come back, taking it one day at a time is a must! so glad you are recovering and getting back to running.

  10. That’s great, great news. I’m sorry you have some other crappy stuff going on, but hopefully being able to run a little will give you some time to emotionally, physically, mentally deal with it in a healthy way.

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