Back in the game

Thank you so much for the outpouring of support on my last post. It seems like you guys are almost as excited as I am that I can run again, and that means the world to me.

Last night I laced up and headed out for my second run post-injury. Everything clicked immediately. I felt fantastic! I stuck to a comfortable pace right around 6:00/KM (I’m not even going to think about pushing the pace until I get my distances back up) and felt like I could keep going and going and… you get the idea.

I set out to run only slightly longer than Sunday’s 4K, but finished off at 7.1 (4.4mi). I could easily have kept on going, but Mom was expecting me for dinner. (Pancakes, anyone?)

Based on how I felt yesterday, I’m hoping to get a 10K in the books before the end of this weekend.

And speaking of 10K, I registered for the Sporting Life 10K yesterday.

Canada’s EASIEST and one of the fastest downhill 10k’s, it runs right down the middle of Canada’s most famous streetβ€”Yonge Street!

Whether you are a novice looking for the easiest course around to complete your first 10k or a seasoned veteran setting that new PB, this is the event for you! Sign up today and join 10,000+ fitness enthusiasts in the dash down Yonge Street.

I loved the energy and excitement of this event last year and I blew my own goal out of the water with a 49:10 finish. It’s a famously fast course and I am definitely looking for another PR. Any of my fellow Torontonians going to be there?


33 thoughts on “Back in the game

  1. I am a newbie to your blog. Saahhwweeet !!! Thanks for heading over to my blog and leaving a terrific comment. Much appreciated.Glad you are back to running! Sounds freaking awesome!

  2. Yeah that you are up and running, that really is great news! I may run NJ,or Mississauga. If I am home, I will come and cheer you guys on or volunteer! I am sure you will PR!

  3. Quick reply to your comment. I haven’t started stair running but I am definitly doing it as part of my runs. The only stairs I have around my routes is in a parking garage.All the posts I read about the GWM say you better do stairs/hills etc because it will tear your calves to shreds, yikes!

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