Spring ’09 plans revisited

In light of recent circumstances (shoulder separation, blood clot, four week hiatus from running… all that fun stuff), I had to make some adjustments to my race schedule for this season.


Robbie Burns 8K Road Race (January 25 ’09)

Took place the day after my injury. (Incidentally, my friend’s son who ran with my bib placed first for my age group.)

Chilly Half Marathon (March 1 ’09)

Several of my friends were running this event so I decided to get involved by volunteering. It turned out to be a great experience. (See last post.)

Around the Bay 30K (March 29 ’09)

This is the second year in a row I have sold my bib due to injury. Next year will determine if third time’s the charm or if I’m just cursed.

Blue Nose Marathon (May 17 ’09)

At first I planned to switch from the full to the half, but my hubby and I (after much deliberation) have decided to postpone our trip to Nova Scotia until September due to the number of work days I missed with my medical issues. Hopefully we can incorporate the Bluenose into our 2010 plans.


Sporting Life 10K (May 3 ’09)

Mississauga Half Marathon (May 10 ’09)

(See sidebar ~~~> for complete ’09 schedule.)

I’m excited about both of my new events on the schedule. Training kicks off next week! I would love to see a PR in both events, but I’m still easing back into running at this point, so expectations are not too high.

I’m going to have another exciting announcement tomorrow (hopefully) so stay tuned!


30 thoughts on “Spring ’09 plans revisited

  1. That’s fun that you’ve got everything planned out again. I hope you’re getting better by the day and will stay nice and healthy from here on out so you can get all your races in!

  2. Glad to hear you were able to line up some more races despite the setbacks these past few months! It sounds like you’ve already eased back into running nicely.

  3. you’ll kick butt at both πŸ™‚ it’s too bad about those that you had to cancel and I totally hope that the 3rd time is the charm for ATB. Blue Nose next year sounds like a good idea!!

  4. Looks like you made some good adjustments! How exciting to be able to start training now after everything you’ve gone through – a nice change of focus! I’m sure you will be in tip top shape for that half.

  5. i’m glad you are being wise and not trying run (or “run”) these races anyway. it can be hard to tell yourself you are not prepared/healthy and back out of the race. i’m glad you have also found some new races to run! and i hope you get to do the 30k next year!!

  6. Probably a good decision to cut back after everything you’ve been through recently. Hmmm, another exciting annoucement. You should have let us guess!!

  7. With race schedules, it can be so frustrating to have to cut races out, but it’s part of the game and being flexible is key. I can’t wait to hear about your exciting announcement tomorrow!

  8. Glad you were able to make some substitutions. Adjustments to a race calendar are inevitable, and it’s good you can remain positive about all the changes!

  9. You sound optimistic- I’m glad.So….I just signed up for my first full marathon. its in october, so plently of time, but im still scared sh*tless, but stomach is in knots!!Where did you get your training plan? did you make it yourself?

  10. That’s great you volunteered. I think of doing that because the voluteers at the races I have done really helped me out.Sorry you had to postpone some races but that’s great that you made new plans!My second half is in 8 days…I’m excited but nervous. I just hope I do better than the first one.

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