HOT, Virtual Races and Birthday Cake

As I suspected, High Octane Training (HOT) kicked my butt hard. It was the first time I had done any strength or core training since the accident and I definitely felt it. We worked the upper body with free weights and body bars and the lower body with squats and lunges, peppered with high intensity bursts of cardio on the stepper and finished ‘er off with an ab workout on the mat. I’m happy to report that my shoulder held up great – no problems whatsoever. Of course, everything else is hurting this morning.


A couple bits of business to address… I updated yesterday’s post to include RunningLaur’s Hooray Spring 6-Miler this Friday. We even have a bib! If you’d like to participate, it’s not too late. Just leave a comment for RunningLaur and join in the fun.

And finally, I hope you’ll join me in supporting Marci and Christy in their endeavor to raise money and awareness for the Arthritis Society through Joints in Motion. You can do so by making a donation and participating in Reese’s Run on April 24th. Don’t wait too long, because early bird prizes will be awarded soon.


Tonight I’ll be joining my group at the Running Room for a hilly 10K then baking a cake for my Mom’s Birthday, which is tomorrow.

Happy Hump Day!


23 thoughts on “HOT, Virtual Races and Birthday Cake

  1. Great job getting back into the HOT and have a terrific hilly run– I would definitely be tempted to taste some cake batter after that!

  2. Happy Birthday to your mom!I signed up for the virtual race too…thanks for postingGlad you are back into running and working out…I really need to work on my arms 😛

  3. I would love to try HOT..sounds great. Thanks for the support of our virtual event! We are very excited and just found out we have some great prizes like running shoes, restaurant cards, bootcamp classes etc.. Thanks again!

  4. Ps- ive been meaning to ask you. Do you use a fuel belt? Ive always used a camel back and really like it, except for i like to switch between gatorade and water and cant do that with a camelbak- only one water pouch.

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