Missed turn, 20K, new swag and good lucks

I met up at 7 this morning with 5 others from my running group for a run in the country. (Note about where I live: I love that I can drive south for half an hour and be in downtown Toronto, but drive north for 10 minutes and feel like I’m in the middle of nowhere.)

They were running 30K but I had dropped off my car at a friend’s house along the route on Friday night so I could duck out early. I also decided to set up a water/gatorade/fruit aid station at this point. I love nothing more than orange wedges during a long run – unfortunately, they’re a little too messy to carry with me.

The weather was pleasant at about 2C/36F to start and 6C/43F toward the end, slightly overcast as the sun rose on the horizon. Most of the route took us along picturesque Canal Road which runs alongside (surprise) the canal, with nothing but farm fields on the other side of the road. It was quiet and serene, a nice change from the residential routes I typically run.

I was feeling strong and comfortable throughout the run, just enjoying the scenery and company. As it turns out, we must have all been in quite the zone because we missed our turn! Instead of taking more quiet country streets to our destination, we ended up on a major highway and had to run about 5K into the wind (we realized at that point how sheltered we had been on Canal Road) with heavy traffic and no idea how much further it would be to our rest stop (my end point).

It became a bit of a mental struggle, but my energy level was still good and I led our small pack the rest of the way, which worked out to just about 20K exactly – my goal/plan for the run. I was relieved to be done and the others enjoyed a short break before continuing on their merry way.


After my run, I had a quick shower and bite before hubby and I headed to Hamilton for the Around the Bay expo. I even picked up a little goodie for myself.

(Don’t mind the fact that my forehead looks massive in this picture.)

Good luck to Mel, Sonia, Vava, Yumke and everyone else running ATB tomorrow (including my hubby!). Unfortunately, there is a lot of rain in the forecast. Maybe it’s not so bad that I’m sitting out this year…


Also, big huge good luck to TFH who will be running her first marathon tomorrow.


22 thoughts on “Missed turn, 20K, new swag and good lucks

  1. Great long run. I love orange wedges on long runs too. Sometimes I’ll carry those little clementine oranges with me and just peel them and eat them on the run.

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