Yes she can.

Thank you so much for the votes of confidence. What a great feeling to have such a big group of fans supporters behind me. I am happy to report that yes, I did it!

I elected to drive straight to the gym and include my warm-up and cool-down on the ‘mill. It was cold and blustery and I knew I wasn’t going to feel like running home after sweating it out for 45 minutes (couldn’t procure a ride).

Surprisingly, most of the treadmills were free so I had no problem getting a good one. There was actually a line-up for the machines when I left, so I guess I got there at the right time.

Here’s how the workout went down:

0.5mi at 5.0mph
0.5mi at 5.5mph
0.5mi at 6.0mph
1.0mi at 8.1mph
0.5mi at 5.0 mph
1.0mi at 8.1mph
0.5mi at 5.0 mph
1.0mi at 8.1mph
0.5mi at 5.0 mph

Total: 6.0mi (9.65KM), 56:40

It took my legs a good minute at the beginning of each interval to find their rhythm and stop inching toward the back of the treadmill. Once I got going, I was generally okay. At times I felt like I could continue all day, at times I felt it was never going to end. I didn’t feel like I was going to barf or die, so I guess that’s a good thing!

I imagined that I looked something like this:

My ultimate power song, the Rocky theme, came on during the second interval and I had a really hard time not pumping my fist. During the third interval, I envisioned myself running toward the finish line in Boston and once again had to resist fist-pumping.

Overall, it felt really good and I even found it kind of fun – you know, it a sick and torturous kind of way. I would like to complete the same workout outdoors next week. 11 days til B.A.A. 5K, 8 days til we leave for Boston!


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35 thoughts on “Yes she can.

  1. excellent job marlene! you survived, no ROCKED, a dreaded ‘mill run. probably wise that you did the warm/cool inside too so you couldn’t talk yourself out of the intervals. πŸ™‚

  2. Look at you go! 8.0 is SUPER FAST! good work.I understand the fist pump thing. I have to resist playing air drums when im running and a good one comes did you watch Biggest Loser? I’m really not a fan of Ron or Helen. and ive never really watched a whole season, but now that its become more a reality show than about weight loss, I don’t enjoy it as much. But- I SUPER love kristin still! I hope she keeps staying smart.

  3. Wow, nice workout on the mill. The Chi Running book says you should picture your legs doing what the roadrunner does, so I guess that means you were doing chi-intervals!

  4. 8.1 mph… are you sure ?? I would fall on my face flat. I cannot believe you are actually getting closer to Boston. Good job on the speedwork.

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