Post-Race Trip to the Emergency Room

Last night hubby and I were just lounging on the couch, watching a movie and resting our legs after the morning’s half marathon. My right hip was feeling pretty tender after a massage so I decided to ice it. In a moment of utter stupidity, I placed the ice pack directly against my skin.

(Do you know where this is going?)

Fast-forward 15 or 20 minutes: I remove the ice pack and my skin is hard, white and numb. I was pretty sure I had given myself frost bite. I warmed it up with some hot cloths and it gradually became pink and also flaming hot.

I did a little reading online and managed to freak myself out enough (infection! amputation!) that we made a trip to the ER at 10:30PM. The place was jam packed, but we were processed through “Fast Track” – this was good news, but also worried me a little. Was it that bad?! We saw the doc after about an hour (no idea how long we would have waited had we not been rushed through) to confirm that my diagnosis had been correct but it was a mild case (phew).

Doc assured me not to worry and that it would heal like a typical first degree burn. He offered me pain meds, but I declined. It didn’t hurt any more than a sunburn.

I now have a large pancaked-sized red welt on the outside of my hip and it stings like a *$#@&! It’s still manageable with aloe vera and I’m just hoping it doesn’t blister.

Ugh! This is one mistake I definitely won’t make twice.

Race report with pics coming later today!


28 thoughts on “Post-Race Trip to the Emergency Room

  1. whew! i am so glad it wasn’t more serious!! how crazy that the ice packs and then warm cloths did that though – kind of scary. my mind would have been racing with terrible thoughts too (i mean hi, i was worried about popping a blister wrong and having to amputate) lol. glad it turned out OK for the most part and hope the burning/stinging goes away quickly!

  2. Wow, that’s scary. Glad it’s only a mind case! It makes me think back to all the times I could have done that. Thanks for the PSA – I’ll be a lot safer now! Feel better soon!

  3. I totally have had the same experience! I iced my ankles alot in high school soccer and one day I had these weird patches on my ankles! I called it frost bite too!

  4. Wow, can’t believe that happened! I can’t bare the feeling of ice directly on my skin for more than a minute or so.. you have high tolerance!

  5. Man, I did that to my ankle a couple of years ago. That feeling when you see a part of your body frozen completely solid is not much fun, nor is the itchy rash that lasts forever. I think it took almost three months for mine to go away. Hope you heal up fast!

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