Long day & SL10K Result

• 5:00: wake up, quick breakfast

• 5:30: hit the road, quick stop for water & Gatorade

• 6:15: arrive downtown, park near finish line, cab to the start with other runners

• 7:00: arrive at starting area

• 7:15: realize we left the car keys in the cab (!!!); PANIC!; called cab company (no help)

• 7:30: realize we are going to miss bag check if we don’t hurry

• 7:45: check bag, line up for washrooms

• 7:55: climb through crowds of people to our corral

• 8:00: ran Sporting Life 10K! *

• 9:00: meet up with friends, eat, discuss the car dilemma

• 10:00: ride with friends to pick up spare house key at Mom’s

• 11:00: retrieve spare car keys from home (meanwhile, get a phone call that the cabbie has our keys!)

• 12:00: drive back downtown in other car, call cabbie to arrange key pick-up

• 2:00: finally meet cabbie after a loooong wait

• 2:30: pick up car, drive both cars home

OY VEY! Our day definitely didn’t go exactly as planned. Thankfully, the race did!

*Here’s what you want to know:

Sporting Life 10K
47:59 (PR)
F25-29: 74/1175
Gender: 374/5886

(Hubby ran an incredible 41:27!)

Race report to follow.


34 thoughts on “Long day & SL10K Result

  1. Great job Marlene. You are definately on a roll, and so is your hubby, congrats to you both! Moe and I ran it today as well as a training run for next weekend. My Garmin had 10.74Km at the end, was yours off? We had to start in purple since we were last minute, so there was tons of weaving, but still seems high to me. Anyway congrats again on an amazing race!!!

  2. WOW! Great job on the race! That is a awesome PR!! I am so happy for you! That stinks about forgetting the keys in the cab but at least you got them back!

  3. Whoa! What a day. Great race, and given all of my calculations that PR of yours is actually for a 10.3K, so even better! Your husband is fast. He likely blew by my somewhere in the 5-7k lull where I was near planning my disgraceful exit… Congratulations!

  4. oh boy what a day! i would have been too worried about my keys to have a good race – i’m a stresser like that, unfortunately. glad you weren’t and were able to have a good time though! 🙂 congrats on a great race and pr!

  5. Congrats on your FANTASTIC finish! You are definitely on your way to some continued PRs! And hopefully you didn’t get distracted by the key dilemma.

  6. YES!! Way to run! A PR! That will bring those marathon times down!! Good job Marlene! Glad you got your keys back…your Husband is fast!

  7. Whoooooaaa… you got it under 48 minutes in 10K. That is absolutely FANTASTIC. I would have done it miserable if I have to think about the car keys in a taxicab. Congrats!!! I am elated that everything worked out.

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