T.G.I.Foto Friday – Half Marathons

It’s Foto Friday and with my fifth half marathon coming up this Sunday, I decided to pay a small tribute to my previous four.

September ’07: Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Half Marathon
(first race ever, finishing hand-in-hand with hubby)

March ’08: Chilly Half Marathon

November ’08: Hamilton Road2Hope Half Marathon

April ’09: Hartwell Half Marathon

So far, each race has been a PR. The question is, will the trend continue this weekend?

Happy Friday!


25 thoughts on “T.G.I.Foto Friday – Half Marathons

  1. Good luck! As your experience level rises and you get fitter you may well set a new record each time. On the other hand it is inevitable that a race will come when for whatever reason that doesn’thappen. Don’t let the event be ruined for you should that happen this weekend.

  2. Good luck Marlene. You will do great! It’s awesome to see how those times keep coming down and how dedicated you are to training.

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