Valiant Effort

I can handle the rain, but this…

…is a little too difficult to navigate.

I must be crazy, because I still gave it a shot. I ran a warm-up lap and slogged straight through the puddle lake on the track, thinking maybe it wasn’t too deep. WRONG! It was pouring rain as I splashed my way through the ankle-deep water, and all I could do was laugh. It was actually kind of fun, but would have been more fun in rubber boots. Two minutes into my workout and my feet and shoes were 100% water-logged, but I wasn’t ready to give up just yet. I tried a few modified laps where I ran back and forth, turning around when I reached the flooding, but the sharp stops/turns were killing me. It was also impossible to keep track of my distance – isn’t the whole purpose of track running to have a set 400m lap?

Anyway, after a few sloppy non-laps I decided to throw in the towel and went for a wet run through the neighbourhood instead. Here I am after 10K in the rain.

I’m disappointed that my first track workout didn’t go as planned, but as they say… try try again!


32 thoughts on “Valiant Effort

  1. There’s limited appeal to splashing through puddles that are the size of lakes. I would have thrown int he towel before even attempting, so good for you for at least trying!

  2. Yikes! I think I would’ve skipped it for sure. Our elementary school dirt track had a pretty big lake this spring, but I was able to run around it on the grass.

  3. Definitely a good try! I was foiled at the track too yesterday as it seems they had blocked off 100m of the track! Its not easy to have to stop and turn around on a track! I wish this rain would stop! Rainy runs are fun but its like down pouring here!!

  4. LOL that is a track?!/! hehehe. great pic, too πŸ™‚ get the woman a TOWEL! hahaha… there will be a next time!!! i really do love the track. it’s so hard sometimes but you feel so accomplished after… get the job done! you’re doing great!!

  5. Sorry for the Hiatus! But I am finally caught up. I love your dedication through the rain! Makes me look like a wimp. Now every time it rains I will think of the time you ran on a lake!

  6. yeahhh i definitely would have even attempted going thru/near that puddle! i probably would have turned around and gone home πŸ™‚ way to go and still get a good workout in, here’s hoping track day #2 goes better!

  7. hahah I LOVE that you ran anyway!!! This rain is not giving up anyyyywhere, geeze! we all need to take your attitude and just keep goin – ankle deep or not.

  8. Great job getting out there and trying to run in the lake! Glad to see you smiling at the end, running in the rain has a way of making you feel like a kid again!

  9. Too bad about all that rain. Our kids’ baseball practices have been rained out the last two days too. I really like running on a track, but my body seems to be a bit fragile for real speed interval type workouts. I hope to do more this summer, something like one every week. Good luck with your track workouts!

  10. Hi Marlene, I am not running SD (I wish!!), but I am running the TO womens half (although just for fun since I am saving my energy for Indiana). Hope to see you there!

  11. haha this is hilarious. i tried to run on our track when it had rained and there were huge puddles like that too… makes the workout pretty difficult πŸ™‚ since track workouts arent hard enough already!

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