This afternoon I picked up my race kit for the Toronto Women’s Half taking place this Sunday.

The top is nice and we got some great goodies.

I also picked up my ‘costume’ – a group of us will be dressed in these funky skirts with matching hair-ties.

Hopefully it won’t drive me crazy!

I’m really looking forward to the event. It should be a great environment with all the ladies, some special treats along the way (firefighters! chocolate!) and my Mom is run/walking her first 5K!

Good luck to all the racers this weekend, especially Chic Runner who will be running her first marathon in San Diego!


26 thoughts on “Swag

  1. That is a great course–you will love it if you haven’t run there before–I did most of my long runs in preparation for Scotia through the Don system and Taylor Creek.

  2. I love the skirt, it should be fun tomorrow!! Good luck to you and ofcourse your mom (that is so awesome that she is running the 5K!!)

  3. You sure race a lot–didn’t you just do a half marathon last Sunday? You’re going to chew up and spit out the STWM this year! Good luck tomorrow; it sounds like a wonderful race. Tell your mom I said “way to go!”

  4. Your tweet shows another sub two hour time–great for you! Looks like the pacing was tough though-looking forward to reading the full report and congrats!

  5. (i'm so behind in reading, sorry!) love the shirt! awesome race for that alone 🙂 hope the skirt wasn't irritating. must go see how the race went!

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