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Last night at clinic we ran a 3K warm up, 4K “LT”/tempo and 3K cool-down.
“LT”/tempo splits were 5:08, 5:04, 4:56, 4:36 for an average of 4:56/KM (7:56/mi). That is my “comfortably hard” (borderline uncomfortable) pace and the run felt good.

It turns out this weekend is a step-back run so we only have 16K/10mi on the schedule for Sunday – although we’ve been warned that the route will be very “scenic”, which translates to hilly. The run starts and ends at our instructor’s house in the country, where we will all be brunching afterwards. It should be a good day.

In the mean time I’m thinking about an easy 12K for tomorrow.


I did a little shopping at the Running Room today and expanded my summer wardrobe, which was seriously lacking. I picked up this sleeveless Adidas top and these Moving Comfort shorts (with built in boy-short liner, which I love!):

I also wanted to pick up a new pair of shoes because mine have 750K (466mi) on them. I decided to go with the same ones I currently wear, but they had to order in my size so I should have them within a week.

I feel like I’ve tried almost every motion control shoe out there, and these are the first ones that have been completely comfortable and have not caused a single problem. Knock on wood and fingers crossed that I have the same success with this new pair. It’s the first time I’ve purchased the same show twice! Perhaps I have finally found “my” shoe.


Here are a few taken on Canada Day.

Check out my little maple leaf earrings:

With my sisters (yes, I’m the shortest… and the eldest):

One with Sarah:

That may or may not be a jello shot…


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Have a great weekend!


23 thoughts on “Running, Shopping, Photos, Giveaways

  1. I have a secret (not so secret now) love of jello shots, it brings out the inner 21 y/o in all of us:) Great pics, I love those earrings. Have a great 10miler on Sunday, brunch afterwards sounds really nice. Hopefully the run won't be too "scenic."

  2. I love moving comfort Bras — but I haven't tried anything else! You're totally tempting me. And a confession: I don't own any athletic shorts. Just a skirt (which I hate) and 3 pairs of capris. Hmm…

  3. Jello shots for Canada Day? That's some good celebrations!! I used to have maple leaf earrings in elementary school, and then got to tell everyone at school about how they were Canadian. Silly story. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  4. ha cuuute earrings! jello-shots? wow, it's been a while. that looks tasty ;)I hope the new shoes feel just as good!! I'm thinking about getting the same ones I had too. They worked, so uh, why not?! We'll see :)hope you have a good wkend!!

  5. cute earrings! i'm sure that wasn't a jello shot 😉 that would take away from all your training! :)i mean… i've been completely sober this week myself! 😉

  6. Great photos! I don't know how you get so many miles on your shoes! But glad you found something that works for you! Have a good weekend!

  7. yay!!!! i love running shopping 🙂 seriously it's the best kind. you made a killing, too! i looooove built in boy short-shorts!!!! sometimes i wear just those and sometimes i wear underwear with them (tmi? lol), but they can be suuuuuuper either way, esp freeing if you go just shorts, lol!!!have fun with the easy 12k! don't you love "earning" easy days with hard running?! i def do. and i think the "uncomfortable" pace is a great judge for tempo pace.

  8. I definitely hope you've found "your running shoe" too!!!! The worst is when the company "updates" the model! Ugh!!!Also: SUPER CUTE earrings!!!

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