A noteworthy Canadian athlete

Tonight I had the opportunity to hear Rick Ball speak at our local Running Room store. Rick Ball broke the marathon world record for a single leg amputee in Boston this year with a 3:01:50. One month later, he went on to break the 10K world record in Ottawa with 37:55.

Rick has only been running for two years and completed his very first marathon one year ago in 3:17.

He has been invited to the Canadian Paralympics Training Camp and will run for Canada at the 2012 Paralympic Games.

He has an incredible story. To learn more, visit his Facebook page.


Knowing that I would be seeing Rick speak tonight [followed by dinner and drinks with some running friends], I had to run my 12K at some point during the day. I decided to break it up into two parts and ran 4K this morning at 6AM and another 8K over lunch. Doubles can be fun!


26 thoughts on “A noteworthy Canadian athlete

  1. Rick is a great story, I wish him luck in the future.Also double workouts are one way of adding volume to your training without overdoing it all at once. I usually do it with different types of activity, i.e weights, swimming, biking, running.

  2. How cool, to meet a runner that has come so far in a short time! Doubles are great right?! Why can't we just split the longer races up into two runs? haha

  3. I've never run twice in a day before… I'm worried my legs will feel like lead if I do!What a great story about Rick; very inspiring. He's so fast!

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