That’s better

Today I used some of my winnings from last weekend to pick up a pair of Adidas “Slide” sandals. Now I don’t have to jam my Recovery-Socked feet into flip flops!

I also picked up some eload electrolyte tablets to try. I prefer to stick to plain water while running, so this seems like a convenient way to ensure I’m getting enough sodium.

Not much else to report. Hubby is out of town this weekend and I painted one of our bathrooms today (first room painted since we moved in January 2008 – enough of the builder beige). I still have to do a second coat tomorrow, so hopefully I’ll be up for it after 27K/16mi.


30 thoughts on “That’s better

  1. I hear you on the builder beige Marlene! We moved here in November 07 and nothing's been painted, but we are having most of the house done while we're at the cottage next month.

  2. So how do you like the recovery socks? I've been meaning to try them. Also, make sure you do a review on the tablets, I've been interested in the different options out there and trying to figure out how they work. Good luck on your 16 miler! 🙂

  3. I LOVE the slide flip flops! I used to wear a pair after field hockey practice! SOOOOOOO comfy! Also, I'm so totally getting a pair of recovery socks. I was thinking about them all day after my 12 miler. 😦

  4. Yes, salt intake is a must for me when running long in the heat. I've not tried e-load but have used Endurolytes. I also like Nuun because it flavors the water and makes me drink more (always a good thing) and it too provides some electrolytes. Hope you had a good 16-miler!

  5. i have been hearing about salt tablet-type things more and more lately. you'll have to give an update on how the eloads work for you!i need to invest in some sport-flops for the same reason. i am not ashamed to wear knee high recovery socks out in public! 🙂

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